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No, im stil alive...

2016-07-09 15:53:53 by AX3L001

Well, here i am.

This time with bad news (Like ever) 

I have to stop Dark Madness 1 and Madness Fails 2 for a while.

- Why? (Here comes the answer) 

I have a lot of things to do.

- Finish my studies (Just 1 year more D:)

- Approve all my asignatures.

- My Freaking computer died again (I am using a shitty laptop right now, i can´t animate here :c)

- Im moving to another city soon.

- And i have a lot of idea for Dark Madness, Madness Fails and more.

I hope to finish at least Dark Madness 1 before x-mas and Madness Fails on january or at the same time of Dark Madness... Trust me, there is nobody more excited like me to finish these animations.

P.S: Im working on a game too! I will use unity (maybe) if that doesn´t work... then wait a game here on newgrounds :3

Well, thats it for now, soon some screenshots and trailers for the animations and my game.

see ya.


No... I´m not dead

2015-10-12 04:01:21 by AX3L001


I have some news for you.


I know what are you going to say:

"Woaw! 4 years later this guy its going to finish the animations"

Well... I was doing some thing (Having a life) my pc die (again) and i think i cannot recover my progress in those animations. But, guess what? I recover both animatios, but here it comes the bad news.

I recover DM 1 & MF 2... But at the 35%, before my pc dies i have it to 80% (Yeah, both)

But don´t worry, i will finish DM 1 & MF 2  and i hope these will be avaliable to enjoy in NG Before or After X-mas.

So sorry for the long loooong looooooong f**king wait.



Secret madness project

2013-10-09 04:19:57 by AX3L001

Remember that "secret animation" that what im talking about.... Well, no more secrets, here is a little screenshot :D
I guess you know what madness animation its ;)


Secret madness project

Problems (Once again)

2013-09-24 11:49:50 by AX3L001

My pc catch a virus and all my progress in Dark madness 1 and My secret animationdissappear :(
For now you must wait a little longer to see Dark madness 1 and Secret animation.
I hope the recover of my sprites, sounds, music dont take too many time.
I will work a little faster to finish these animations sooner.... For now you need to wait :(

Im sorry, no dark madness today and no madness day animation


Dark Madness

2013-08-01 22:23:30 by AX3L001

No more Dark Madness animating for sometime

I'm working on another Secret animation for this Madness Day year
Maybe later show some pictures about secret animation...


Back in time

2013-04-21 15:31:23 by AX3L001

Working in Dark Madness 1 and Searching old sprites i found something.....

Jebus fail

Wrong Guy

Justin Must Die

Ehhhhhh Sexy Lady

I hope you like these old animations :)
I'm working hard in Dark Madness 1

Edit 25/04/2013:

Omg! What happen whit Axel? A little advance of Dark Madness 1


Back in time

Projects, Projects and More

2013-04-08 18:17:32 by AX3L001

Later of 12345678901213245244243 Years...
Dark Madness 1 and Madness Fails? 2 Its cooming...
I can say the date, but, I can say: Wait for it :)


Dark Madness 1

2013-04-03 23:09:31 by AX3L001

Finally i can animate Dark Madness again :D
Wait for it....


Dark Madness

2013-02-16 01:23:07 by AX3L001

I'm Having so much problems whit my pc
Now i have much time to do animations but my pc is "dead"
Im trying to repair it or get a new pc or use the p of my father xD
This gonna take some time, now only can say......
Wait for me (and dark madness) LOL



2012-11-12 11:27:22 by AX3L001

Dark Madness 1 Coming