Entry #67

No, im stil alive...

2016-07-09 15:53:53 by AX3L001

Well, here i am.

This time with bad news (Like ever) 

I have to stop Dark Madness 1 and Madness Fails 2 for a while.

- Why? (Here comes the answer) 

I have a lot of things to do.

- Finish my studies (Just 1 year more D:)

- Approve all my asignatures.

- My Freaking computer died again (I am using a shitty laptop right now, i can´t animate here :c)

- Im moving to another city soon.

- And i have a lot of idea for Dark Madness, Madness Fails and more.

I hope to finish at least Dark Madness 1 before x-mas and Madness Fails on january or at the same time of Dark Madness... Trust me, there is nobody more excited like me to finish these animations.

P.S: Im working on a game too! I will use unity (maybe) if that doesn´t work... then wait a game here on newgrounds :3

Well, thats it for now, soon some screenshots and trailers for the animations and my game.

see ya.



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2016-07-09 16:44:36

Now you have your permission to die *Shoots*

AX3L001 responds:

I have to finish this >:D
I refuse to die until DM 1 and MF 2 get 100%


2016-07-12 06:58:27

Buena suerte, y a ver si lo acabas de una vez xD.

AX3L001 responds:

Creeme, no hay nadie con mas ganas de ver esto finalizado que yo.
Y gracias, espero que este año sea la vencida xD